ZOOM飲み|ずーむのみ|zu-mu nomi


ずーむのみ[zu-mu nomi]

意味・語源:Meaning / Origin



Meaning / Origin

“zu-mu nomi” is an online drinking party that is held using the web conference tool “Zoom”.

With the influence of the new coronavirus that has been popular since 2020, the government was requesting that people refrain from going outside unless they urgently need to. The restaurant business was also asked to refrain from doing so.

Meanwhile, online drinking parties such as “zu-mu nomi” became popular mainly among working people as a way of drinking alcohol while looking at each other’s faces with friends and acquaintances at home.


サラリーマン [male office worker]
OL [female office worker]

使い方:How to use
昨日、高校の同級生とZoom飲みしたよ。ひさびさに顔見るやつ多くて、盛り上がったわ! [kinou 、koukou no doukyuusei  to zu-mu nomi sitayo 。 hisabisa ni kao miru yatu ookute 、moriagatta wa !]



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