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アメリカの人気ヒップホップグループ “Migos(ミーゴズ)” のヒット曲「Bad and Boujee」で使用され、一気に広まったスラング。

Meaning / Origin

“Boujee” is an English slang that means “high-class people, things, and an rich elite with a high sense.” It is also an expression derived from French “Bourgeoisie” and is sometimes expressed as “boujie”.

A slang that was used in the hit song “Bad and Boujee” of the popular American hip-hop group “Migos” and became popular at once.


English Speaker

使い方:How to use
I visited her parents’ home for the first time, I was really suprised. She is real bougee. [こないだ彼女の実家に初めて行ったんだけど、まじでびびったよ。彼女、本物の金持ちだったわ。] 


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