stay woke|ステイウォゥク


ステイウォゥク[steɪ woʊk

意味・語源:Meaning / Origin

「woke」とは、「人種差別や社会問題に対して関心を持つこと、敏感でいること」を意味する英語スラング。『stay woke』で、「人種差別について関心を持ち続けよう」という意味になる。


Meaning / Origin

“Stay woke (stay awake)” is an interest and sensitivity to racism and social issues.

“Woke” is an English slang that means “being interested and sensitive to racism and social issues”.  “Stay woke,” it means “let’s stay interested in racism.”

“Woke” is a past tense of “wake”, but most African Americans use “woke” instead of “awake” . So, people expresses sensitivity to social issues such as racism as “stay woke.”


English Speaker

使い方:How to use
The race riots that happen in Europe and the United States feel like somebody else’s business, but we all have to be stay woke. [欧米で起きてる人種差別の暴動って、なんか他人事のような気がしちゃうけど、俺たちもみんな関心を持つべきだよな。]



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