ぶいちゅーばー[bui tyu- ba-]

意味・語源:Meaning / Origin


・三省堂 今年の新語2018 5位

Meaning / Origin

“VTuber” is a combination of “Virtual” and “YouTuber”. On video sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, this refers to the person who posts and delivers videos by using character graphics and avatars drawn in computer graphics on their behalf.

・ 2018 New Language 5th place by Sanseido


一般の人々 [ordinary people]

使い方:How to use
動画配信したいけど顔を出すのは嫌だな〜。[douga haisin sitai kedo kao dasu no ha iya dana~ 。]
それならVTuberになればいいんじゃない? [sore nara VTuber ni nareba iinja nai ? ]



* Coined words (new words, buzzwords, etc.) are fashionable and obsolete. When using coined words, we recommend that you check if they are actually used around you before using them.

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