意味・語源:Meaning / Origin

『cp』とは、恋人同士を意味する「カップル / couple」の英字表記を省略したもの。LINEやTwitterなどSNS上で書き文字として使用される。



Meaning / Origin

“cp” is an abbreviation for “couple”, which means lovers. It is used as written characters on SNS such as LINE and Twitter, etc.

Writing “○○couple” gives a somewhat old-fashioned impression, but the expression “○○cp” creates a modern atmosphere and has become a popular expression among young people such as middle and high school students.

・ 2015 Gyaru Buzzword Grand Prize 5th


JCJK・中高生 [highschool-students]
ギャル [gyaru]

使い方:How to use
Twitter「付き合い始めて今日で4ヶ月!これからも仲良しcpでいられますように♡ [tukiai hajimete kyou de 4kagetu ! korekara mo nakayosi cp de iraremasu youni ♡]



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