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Meaning / Origin

“ktkr” is a youth slang and Netslang, that expresses the joy and excitement when the things  you were expecting are realized. It is used for writing on internet bulletin boards, emails, and SNS.

It changed like “tuini kitaisiteita kore ga kita-! (What I expected was finally realized!)” → “Kitakore” → “ktkr”.

・ 2011 Gyaru Buzzword Award 10th


ネット民 [netizen]
JCJK・中高生 [highschool-students]
ギャル [gyaru]

使い方:How to use
Twitter「完売したゲームソフト、待ちに待った追加販売ktkr〜!」[kanbai sita game soft, mati ni matta tuika hanbai ktkr~! ]



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