KP|けーぴー|ke – pi-


けーぴー[ke – pi-]

意味・語源:Meaning / Origin

『KP』とは、乾杯(かんぱい)をローマ字表記にした「Kan Pai」の略語。


女子高生やギャルなど若者の間では、Tik TokやInstagramのストーリーなどSNS上に「KP〜♪」と乾杯で盛り上がっている様子の動画をあげるのがブームになった。


Meaning / Origin

“KP” is an abbreviation for “Kan Pai”. (kanpai is cheers in English)

Like the cheers, it is used when toasting with multiple people at a drinking party or party.

Among young people such as high school girls and gyarus, it became a boom to upload videos of “KP ~ ♪” being toasted on SNS such as Tik Tok and Instagram stories.

・ 2019 gyaru Buzzword Grand Prize 1st place
・ 2019 JCJK Buzzword Award 3rd place


JCJK・中高生 [highschool-students]
ギャル [gyaru]
大学生 [university students]

使い方:How to use
誕生日おめでと〜!KP〜♪  [tanjoubi omedeto ~! KP ~ ♪ ]



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