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Meaning / Origin

“#KuToo” is a coined word that combines “Kutu(=shoes)” and “Kutu-(=pain)”.

A social movement that eliminates the trend of obligating or forcing women to wear heels or pumps in Japanese workplaces. It was a big topic in Japan, with nearly 20,000 signatures gathering in support.

The expression “#KuToo” is derived from the expression of the hash tag “#MeToo” used in SNS when appealing for sexual harassment and sexual damage in the West.

・ 2019 New and Buzzword Award Nomination


OL [female office worker] *一部

使い方:How to use
私も#KuToo署名したよ。立ち仕事でヒールは辛いんだよね。。 [ watasi mo #KuToo syomei sita yo。tatisigoto de hi-ru ha turaindayone。。]



* Coined words (new words, buzzwords, etc.) are fashionable and obsolete. When using coined words, we recommend that you check if they are actually used around you before using them.

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