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Meaning / Origin

“ggrks” is a net slang that means “”search yourself for such things online.”  The first letter of “gugure kasu” written in Roman letters.

* “Guguru” is a slang word that means “search on the Internet”. The name of the search engine Google. ”Kasu” is a word that means scum in English.

It’s used for people who immediately ask what they can understand immediately after searching for themselves, or who pretend to know something they do not understand well in conversations on Internet forums and SNS.


ネット民 [netizen]

使い方:How to use
最近よく聞くけど、zoomって面白いの?ggrksって言わないで誰かやり方教えて〜。[saikin yoku kikukedo , zoom tte omosiroi no? ggrks tte iwanaide dareka yarikata osiete~ 。]



* Coined words (new words, buzzwords, etc.) are fashionable and obsolete. When using coined words, we recommend that you check if they are actually used around you before using them.

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