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  1. インテリぶっている人・過度に考えすぎている人
  2. 頭が丸い人・頭を丸めている人(スキンヘッド)
Meaning / Origin

“Egghead” is a coined word that combines “egg” and “head”. There are mainly two meanings below.

  1. People who are intellectual or people who think too much.
  2. People with round heads or people with skinhead.

English Speaker

使い方:How to use
Dude, stop being such an egghead. You need to chill out for a change. [おい、そんなに考えすぎるなって。たまには気分転換するのに息抜きも必要だぜ。]
Hey look, he’s an egghead! Oh, He probably messed up. [ねえ見て!彼、頭坊主になってる! ああ、何かやらかしちゃったんだろうね。]



* Coined words (new words, buzzwords, etc.) are fashionable and obsolete. When using coined words, we recommend that you check if they are actually used around you before using them.

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