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Meaning / Origin

“Noob” is an English slang that means “newcomer / beginner”. Also expressed as “n00b”. It is often used in a negative sense, such as people who have no knowledge or experience and have a large attitude, or people who rely on people but do not make efforts to learn by themselves.

It is also used for making fun of beginners in places such as online games.

Although there is a netslang of “newbie” in the same meaning, this is just a word for “newcomers / inexperienced people” and does not include negative nuances.


English Speaker

使い方:How to use
Come on. You must be a noob! [おい〜、お前全然できてないじゃんよ!]
Try again after a little more experience, noob!  [もうちょい経験積んでからまた挑戦してこいよ、新人!]


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