eye candy|アイキャンディ


アイキャンディ[ ˈkændi

意味・語源:Meaning / Origin

『eye candy』とは、「目の保養になるもの」を意味するスラング。



Meaning / Origin

“Eye candy” is a slang that means “a person or thing that pleases the eyes of the viewer.”

Words that are used in all beautiful things that you can see, such as people, scenery, photographs, movies, etc.

But, be careful when representing people because it may be taken as “only complimenting their appearance” depending on the situation.


English Speaker

使い方:How to use
Did you enjoy the party yesterday? [昨日のパーティは楽しめた?]
Yeah, it was incredibly cool! There was a lot of eye candy! [ああ、もう最高だった!美女だらけだったよ!]



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