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Meaning / Origin

“Voldemorting” means, when talking about a specific person or group mainly on SNS, instead of using the real name of the person or group as it is, change it to an alias, an acronym, or an initial.

The word comes from the cruel wizard “Voldemort” that appears in the Harry Potter series. All the other wizards were so frightened that they couldn’t speak his real name, and they call him “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”

From there, the act of hiding the real name of the target person or group and talking about it became known as “Voldemorting.”


English Speaker

使い方:How to use
They are always egosearching, so voldemorting is better. If they find it, you’re going to get in trouble. [あいつら常にエゴサしてるから、名前伏せたほうがいいよ。見つかったら面倒なことになるぜ。]



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