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“Herstory” is a word that means “a story from a female perspective, a history that emphasizes the position of women”. A coined word in which the “his” part of “history” is changed to “her”.

* The word “history” has its origin in the Greek word “historia”, and does not mean “his.”


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Umeko Tsuda, who was decided to be drawn on Japanese banknotes, is a pioneer of women’s education in Japan, and one of the greatest women in herstory.  [日本の紙幣に描かれることが決まった津田梅子さんは、日本における女子教育の先駆者であり、歴史上もっとも偉大な女性の1人です。]



* Coined words (new words, buzzwords, etc.) are fashionable and obsolete. When using coined words, we recommend that you check if they are actually used around you before using them.

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